Robert Townsend


(901) 867-8722

A Memphis, Tennessee native, Robert has called all around the world thru the Challenge 1 program. RT (as he is known by many of his friends) is the consummate “Southern Gentleman”. He began recording with Lou-Mac Recordings in the late 1980's and along with his business partner Don, purchased the label in 1993.

Robert is known across the United States for his creative choreography, smooth delivery and as a caller who always makes the dance fun. He has been a featured caller at several regional and state festivals as well as Mexican Riviera and Caribbean cruises.

RT calls for three clubs in the Memphis area (Pleasant Hill Promenaders, T Squares and B&Bs) and is a featured caller for clubs holding special dances in the southeast United States. His infectious smile and fun-loving attitude is what brings FUN to a dance near you.

Justin Russell


(901) 604-5751

Justin Russell has been in the square dance activity since 2000. He took lessons with his grandmother, mom, dad, and brother and finished learning the mainstream program in 2001. Friends from church got him to come to that first beginner dance, but no one knew it would become his passion. In June 2003, he attended his first Caller School in Tyler, TX. Justin’s goal is to blend the tradition of square dancing with the twenty-first century. He graduated from the University of Memphis in May 2011 with a degree in political science with a minor in Sociology. Justin currently works full-time for Orion Federal Credit Union and travels whenever possible.

Victoria Bundy


Victoria was born and raised in Southern California.  She attended Rhodes College where she received her BA in International Business and MS in Accountancy.  She fell in love with Memphis and decided to begin her career in the Bluff City. 
She reluctantly began taking Square Dance lessons in 2018 at the request of her mother. After a few lessons with Robert Townsend, she was hooked on dancing. She also became intrigued by the caller's role in the dance and the puzzle like complexities of moving the dancers around the square to the fun music. With Robert's encouragement, she began singing calls at her local club. She enjoyed the challenge so much that she decided to attend Caller School in 2019. She is a current Callerlab apprentice. She called at her very first National Square Dance Convention in Atlanta in 2019.
Victoria started Midtown Squares in January 2020, in hopes of expanding modern square dancing into Midtown Memphis.

Victoria is thrilled to be part of such a supportive, friendly and fun community and hopes to see you in a square soon!

Gloria McMullin (Tom)



Gloria has been a Round Dance cuer since 1988. She is an active Roundalab member and has cued at many National Square Dance conventions, Tennessee and Mississippi State Conventions and many other special dance events.
Gloria has also been teaching line dancing since 1995.
Gloria cues Round Dances and provides Line Dance instruction between Square Dance tips at the B&Bs and Pleasant Hill Promenaders. She teaches Round Dancing for the Southern Rounds and has 3 Line Dance classes in Southaven and Hernando, MS.
Gloria always has a smile on her face and loves teaching people to Round and Line Dance. She would love to see you in a class soon!

Gordon Brower (Mary)


(901) 682-8276

Gordon and Mary Brower began square and round dancing over half a century ago. Gordon began cueing rounds in the 70s and formed the Merry Go Rounds in 1979. His teaching style is enjoyed by many. He is available for festivals and special dance events.